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Water leaks and burst pipes can cause a significant amount of damage to a property and its contents in a fairly short space of time. It makes sense, therefore, that the most obvious weapon in lessening the impact of an escape of water is being able to shut the supply off as quickly as possible.

Even if you are at home at the time of a leak it is not always easy to shut the supply off quickly as stop valves have a tendency to be located in hard-to-access areas - under the sink is a favourite. Also brass valves can seize up if not used or serviced regularly (this problem is particularly common in hard water areas); discovering that your stop-cock has seized up while water is escaping into your home can be a particularly frustrating experience.

If you are away when an emergency occurs then the damage can be catastrophic.

The FloodCheck system is beautifully simple and offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is being continually monitored, around the clock.

FloodCheck continually checks the water usage by monitoring how long water has been flowing (time) and how much water has been flowing (litres/gallons). If either adjustable setting is breached, the valve will automatically shut the water supply preventing further damage.

FloodCheck will recognise any period of over 24 hours with no water use as an indication that the premises have been vacated and automatically shut the water supply. Supply can be restored at the flick of a switch. This feature also enables manual closing of the valve so that the water can be switched on and off as easily as you would a light when entering or leaving the premises. Hosepipe bans notwithstanding, the system can be bypassed when long and unlimited supply is required.

FloodCheck is ideal for protecting small offices and also offers peace of mind to landlords in protecting properties, occupied or vacant .

Floodcheck is one of the few products that is totally tested and approved by WRc WRAS UL and insurance companies.


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